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How To Book A Wedding Videographer

The booking process at ValCinema is designed to be a stress-free experience for you and your future spouse!

The process starts with you

Shortly after you provide us with your email address, you will receive an email containing more details about our packages and a Calendy link so you can schedule a 15 minute call with one of our representatives!

The Call

During your call we want to learn about your wedding and your needs. We will focus on the following four topics:

Quality and Style

We want to be sure that our quality and style of photo & video packages are something that you’ll be happy with.

Custom Packages

You tell us your vision for a photo + video package, and we do our best to build a custom package that you’ll be happy with.

Overall Price

We want to make that package work with your budget. We will make adjustments on the package to help move the price closer to your budget, as well as adding as many discounts as we can get you qualified for.

Your Booking Deposit

Industry standard is usually 50% to book, and final payment 2 weeks before the wedding. However, we’re committed to earning your business and capturing your wedding day, so if that means getting a manager involved to approve more flexible options, just let us know.

After your consultation

If you decide ValCinema is right for you, the booking process will begin! We will sign over an electronic contract containing all of the terms, package and payment information. It is super easy to review and sign this contract, it can even be done from your phone!

After you sign the contract, you will receive an invoice for the agreed deposit amount. It is super simple to pay via Venmo, Debit or Credit card. Once you have paid, you’re booked!

Seriously, the simplest booking process in the wedding industry!

If you would like a more in depth look at our booking process, be sure to take a look at the video above!

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