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Frequently Asked Questions

My name is Shawn and I am the proud owner of ValCinema. My beautiful wife, Sarah and I tied the knot in 2015. We have been blessed with two wonderful children, Jackson (son) & Tanner (daughter). 

On our Wedding Day, years ago - which is now such a blur - we had chose not to hire a Videographer. Had we hired one, we would have recordings of our hand written vows from the ceremony, the many toasts & prayers spoken over us, and meaningful moments with my Grandfather who has since passed away.

This is why we love what we do. We hope to share our story, to encourage others not to make the same decision, viewing Videography as only "another wedding expense”. It is truly an investment into your marriage and honestly one of the most important vendors you can book!

If you are likely to spend thousands of dollars on your ONE DAY, you should most definitely have something to look back on.

Something that lasts.

Meet the Owners
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  • What is your Price Range?
    Our prices range between $1,750 to $3,600 per service, depending on how many hours are needs, length of your films or number of photographs received. We also have a substantial selection of Add-Ons that cater precisely to what you want. We highly encourage our couples to budget around $2,600 (per service) to get the most out of money spent. Please view this as an INVESTMENT, giving you a return after the wedding, versus another wedding expense. With this perspective in mind, the more you put in the more you will get back. 😉 Can't wait to speak with you!
  • How does your booking process work?
    As soon as we receive your email address, we will send you a link to a platform called, Calendly. This is where you can schedule a 15 minute call with someone from our team to customize a package that fits all your needs! Once you decide ValCinema is right for you, the booking process begins! Everything will be done electronically through safe and legal platforms, such as HelloSign & Quickbooks.
  • Where are you located and are there travel fees?
    We actually two offices, once based out of Georgia but our main office is in Pennsylvania! We have videographers and photographers on our team across 20+ states, which means we have no travel fees!
  • How long until I receive my film or photos?
    We deliver all films and/or photographs within 3 months from your wedding date. If we are one day late, you will receive a full refund.
  • How much is the deposit?
    To secure us for your wedding date, we require a 50% deposit upon booking our services. We are more than willing to work with you on a payment plan if that does not work for you, so just bring that up doing the booking phase!
  • How do you hire your videographers and photographers?
    Our hiring process starts one of two ways, they either come highly recommended to us or we find their online portfolios and reach out. We interview and screen each videographer and/or photographer's portfolio, confirming they meet all of our gear, quality, and experience requirements. This way we can ensure a consistent and high quality end product for all of our clients. We also offer our feedback and training for each member, so they can continue to grow as a creative beyond ValCinema.
  • How can I be sure my day will be captured?
    We take pride in being a reliable company, ensuring that your day gets captured regardless of what unforeseen circumstances could take place! We have a 100% track record for always showing up, out of 800+ weddings, we have not missed one!
  • Is drone footage included?
    Yes! All of our videos include drone footage at no additional cost. However, there are two limiting factors that could affect our ability to capture drone on the day of your event, being the possibility of inclement weather and/or the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) ‘No Fly Zone’ Regulations.
  • Do I get to choose my photographer/videographer?
    Since all of our creative team members have been assessed and we feel confident in each of their abilities to perform, assignment takes place on our end. We are a company that services many states and offers both Videography and Photography. Therefore, we choose from a select group of individuals and designate them to your wedding event.
  • Will I have watermarks on my film or photos?
    No. We provide you with copies that are watermark free. If we upload any films or photos to different media platforms, those specifically will have watermarks, so other individuals will not take credit for our creation.
  • What if I need more or less hours than other couples?
    Our filming hours are flexible, as our packages are typically a great place to start. All packages are personalized to fit your wedding day schedule AND your budget. You can adjust the amount of hours, depending on what you need! Our most popular "custom" package includes 8 hours of coverage.
  • Can I choose the music for my highlight film?
    Yes! We would love for you to get a feel for your film and select your music from a highly curated roster of label-quality musicians, found on Musicbed offers a new way for musicians to earn an income, by allowing their music to be used and heard by anyone.Unless your favorite artist is on that platform, we will not be able to offer any mainstream options. Why? Without full permission from the artist or an appropriate license, we could be subject to legal action, due to their copyright.
  • What are the other package Add-Ons for video?
    Ceremony Video - A video solely dedicated to showcasing your ceremony in its entirety from beginning to end, not just the highlights. This video cuts between all camera angles and includes edited footage and audio. Will be delivered alongside your highlight film within 3 months after your wedding. Toast/Speech Video - A video of all the speeches and toasts that were shared on your wedding day, all in one place for you to rewatch with ease. Will be delivered alongside your highlight film within 3 months after your wedding. First Dances - A video that captures the Couple’s first dance, and any additional memorable dances in full. Will be delivered alongside your highlight film within 3 months after your wedding. RAWS - All unedited photos and/or footage captured on the wedding day. These files are 100% untouched, being right from the camera. Rehearsal Day Coverage - Our team will attend your Rehearsal Day to capture the moments leading up to your wedding and will be added to your highlight film.
  • How will the product be delivered?
    Our films are delivered via Google Drive for you to download. We also provide a shareable Youtube link for you to send to family and friends. Photo Galleries are uploaded and sent via Pass Gallery, with a private link for you to download photos directly to your devices. As mentioned in another FAQ, all photos and films are watermark free!
  • Do you offer Sneak Peeks or Teaser Videos?
    Yes! Depending on your package, we offer 5 or 10 Sneak Peek photographs at no additional cost! For videography we do offer 45-60 second teaser videos, for an additional cost, as it is considered an Add-On.
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