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How to Find the Right Photo & Video Style

A lot of people are looking for a particular style when it comes to their photo + video packages.

There are so many different styles to choose from for your wedding day, and you obviously want to hire someone who can match the style you choose! Is your wedding going to be Vintage? Rustic? Maybe even Shabby Chic.

Regardless of the style of your wedding, you want to find a photo + video package that will best represent YOUR style!

The safest way to ensure you find a vendor that will produce a photo + video package with your style is to find someone with plenty of portfolio pieces.

Obviously friends or family that know how to do photography or videography may help you save money, but you might not know what the end product will really look like. And even a hired professional that only has a few portfolio pieces can be a little risky, because those might have been their first few weddings, and you just never know if consistency is their thing.

Be sure you feel comfortable with the amount of portfolio pieces that your selected vendor has available to show!

At ValCinema, we describe our style as story driven, and cinematic. Of course you can tell from our portfolio that our product has warm, earthy tones, a modern feel with crisp, high quality images. But what has been really important to us is remembering that we are telling your story.

So we’ve always done our best to represent this through our product. When you look through our portfolio, you may realize that they feel like we’re telling someone's story through film and photography. You can see this from the way that our videos are always in chronological order, to the way we use audio to help share a bit more of the story. Isn’t that what a photo + video package is supposed to do, anyway?

We’re there to capture your memories and help preserve the most important day of your life!

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