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Drone Footage

Let’s talk about drone footage.

Drone footage is one of those things that is really “in” right now. A lot of clients are looking for drone footage with their wedding videography package, but wonder “what exactly are you using it for?”

We basically use drone footage to help! Adding drone footage to your video really makes it feel “larger” since you’re adding aerial footage instead of only close up shots with a camera.

It’s common in the wedding industry for drone footage to be an “additional charge” type of service. A lot of companies are offering it, but most clients are concerned how much it will actually cost them. Well the good news is with ValCinema it is always a free service.

Now there are two main restrictions we have to keep in mind when it comes to drone footage that are out of ValCinema’s control.

  • Weather Conditions

  • FAA Regulations

Weather Conditions

In the case of “extreme weather”, such as rain, snow or heavy wind, the drone cannot be operated. In this scenario, sadly, we would not be able to capture drone footage for your wedding video. But even if the weather forecast shows bad weather conditions, we will still bring a drone and make an attempt to capture drone footage if at all possible!

FAA Regulations

The second consideration is your local FAA regulations - There are areas spread throughout the country called “no fly zones”. These are areas regulated by the government in order to protect airspaces, and may include airports, military bases, school districts and even some college campuses. If your wedding is located in a “no fly zone,” drone flight may be restricted by the manufacturer, and the drone will likely not even be able to take off.

Even though these considerations are important to be aware of, it’s still very rare that we are unable to capture drone footage for our clients, and we always bring a drone just in case we are still able to capture aerial footage for your wedding!

So if drone footage is something you’re looking for on your wedding day, call us today!

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