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About us
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Meet the Owner

"At ValCinema, we find pride in having a “people first” mindset, a value that stems from how I was raised. I want every client to feel valued every step of the way, but also beyond product delivery. We have tried to accomplish great things on our own, but true success has been found when we grow as a team to best serve our clients."

- Shawn Arndt

Shawn Arndt, wife Sarah, son Jackson, daughter Tanner

ValCinema Weddings was founded in 2017 by two brothers, passionate about making cinematic wedding videos.

Previous to ValCinema, Shawn went from working fast-food, to bank teller, to selling insurance.

In 2018, Shawn was brought in to lead the sales department, and proceeded to become a co-owner in February 2019. 

For the next two years, Shawn continued to find immense joy in being only a small part of a company that gets to create lasting memories for clients, through film and photograph. As film being something he regrets not having for his wedding day, he hopes to extend the value of it, so you not only see memories, but you get to relive them.

In September 2021, transitions took place, as his first son, Jackson was born and his latest acquisition being the business.

ValCinema is a full-service wedding videography and photography company, with goals to make beautiful, cinematic wedding films available to everyone, which is why we now offer our newest product, YouFilm.


Our motto is 'Everyone Deserves to Remember Their Wedding'.

ValCinema Weddings headquarters currently resides in Pennsylvania and operates within most of the eastern states.

We are capable of servicing to this multitude, because of our roster of experienced videographers and photographers

across the country, many probably within your city! We like to offer packages that can be completely customized, as you can add or reduce hours, increase minutes in your highlight film & choose from our highly requested list of Add-Ons.

We strive to capture the most intimate moments, details and memories from your wedding day.

Meet the staff

Carol - Relations & Experience Manager
Carol has been apart of the ValCinema team since April 2021 and has added so much value to the day to day flow.
 After booking, she is the the point of contact from your consultation through delivery. She can answer your questions or address any concerns that may come up pre & post wedding. We have found that Carol puts in 100% effort into anything she does. She pays attention the smallest of details and genuinely wants every client to love their experience from start to finish.

Experience Manager Carol, husband Jacob


Kendall - Lead Creative Editor
Kendall has been with ValCinema for 4+ years now and she is the foundation of the company. Her eye for creative editing and her consistency has always amazed us. She reviews the quality of footage, gives feedback to our team, manages to piece individual clips together and adds your music selection and/or voiceover to create a film that represents the start of your story together. Kendall is organized, efficient and always willing to
have a good laugh.

Lead Editor Kendall, fiancé Nick


ValCinema has serviced more than 800 weddings, and have not missed one!


ValCinema was founded in 2017 and continues to look for ways to grow and enhance our services.


YouFilm offers a unique opportunity to see your wedding through the lens of your guests.

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