ValCinema Weddings is a photo + video company bringing beautiful wedding packages to couples all over the United States. Their mission is to provide the highest quality wedding packages for the lowest possible price.

The goal with every booking is to deliver a wedding film that captures the story and personality of the couple, as well as their feelings for each other, so that they can be reminded of their love together for years to come!

Benjamin Valentin

Ben founded the company with his brother Josh in September of 2017. Together they built the processes and systems to ensure that all of our clients receive the best customer service and the best quality product possible. He has a passion for customer service and providing excellence in the client experience, and knows that customer satisfaction is based on everything from the first point of contact all the way through product delivery, and is committed to providing that level of excellence for every individual.

Though no longer a full time member of the ValCinema team, Ben still leads the advisory board offering direction and counsel for the ValCinema leadership team as they continue to service our clients and provide the best photo + video packages on the market.

Company Founder

Shawn Arndt

Shawn is the leader of ValCinema. He takes ultimate responsibility for everything that happens on a day to day basis and is incredibly committed to the success of every wedding project that ValCinema takes on. His primary job is to lead the team and the culture in our mission to provide the highest quality wedding packages for the lowest possible price.


In his spare time, Shawn is a talented drummer, loves to watch sports, and has a passion for pursuing business. His passions for business are what make him an excellent and trusted representative at ValCinema.

General Manager

Kyle Morgan

Kyle is our Assistant Manager. Although it says “Assistant” trust us when we say he makes sure everything is operating smoothly not just for the business, but for every wedding that ValCinema is apart of. Kyle helps oversee all departments to ensure that ValCinema produces high quality in every area!


In his free time he enjoys a good round of golf.

Assistant Manager

Sarah Arndt

Sarah is the Project Manager here at ValCinema. She helps keep ValCinema organized, and also assists in the planning and management of all ValCinema wedding projects. She is excited to be with ValCinema and is a support system we could not operate without!

In her free time, Sarah is a licensed cosmetologist and enjoys all things creative. She also makes the best Mac & Cheese!

Project Manager

Kendall Uvena

For those of you wondering how our quality is consistently outstanding, it’s all because of Kendall, our lead editor. With her passion for creativity and desire to continue learning, we are an extraordinary company that produces premium quality! Thanks to Kendall we have not just maintained high quality, but have delivered every project to a client faster than the guaranteed time promised.


During Kendall’s free time you better believe she is either at the movies, or making a short film!

Lead Editor


Josh Valentin

Videographer | Photographer

Todd Huggard


Josh Estés


Kyle McDowell


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